Directed by Del

Directed by Dvein

We talk about the dog that we don't have.

Directed by US
Written by Wilson & Katherine Brown © 2014 Alagoas | Better Problems 

Bicycles lock their horns, eyes outstretch the farthest barge.

Directed and filmed by Jeremiah Zagar 
Edited by Khyber Jones
Production Company: Public Record 
Written by Wilson & Katherine Brown @ 2013 Alagoas | Better Problems Records

Alagoas:  Stuart Bidwell, Katherine Brown & Wilson Brown

Alagoas: Stuart Bidwell, Katherine Brown & Wilson Brown

Born on a snowy Brooklyn morning, Katherine and Wilson Brown wrote a song using an old police dispatch microphone and a Minimoog. Soon they enlisted collaborator, Stuart Bidwell, and together with a small army of instruments, created their debut album, Alagoas. Through this collection of layered pop songs, Alagoas escapes the everyday to find , within the ordinary, an extraordinary core. With singalong hooks soaring over odd time signatures, intimacies whispered opposite driving  drums, and acoustic instruments glittering with electronic atmosphere, Alagoas revels in complicating the simple joy of starry-eyed love.

• "'Brighton' Just May Be One Of The Most Uplifting Music Videos Ever" — The Huffington Post
• "Alagoas is the sound of soulmates channeling their love into a widescreen, deliriously catchy celebration, and it is a joy to behold." - Todd Goldstein
• "Good luck getting the insanely catchy 'Ghosts,' by Alagoas, out of your head (not that you'll want to...)" —  Interview Magazine



by Alagoas